The Flowers Speak!

The Victorian Flower Oracle

The Victorian Flower Oracle

Forty glorious cards of Victorian "Flowers Personified" make up this gorgeous and unique oracle based on original early nineteenth century engravings by JJ Grandville. Each flower woman will lead you to an understanding of the language of the flowers, and share with you their gentle wisdom.



Victorian Flower Oracle

Victorian Flower Oracle Set

40 lavish large sized cards with companion book covering
- How to use this oracle
- The Victorian Language of Flowers
- Notes on the characteristics, history and myths of each flower and more...

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You are cordially invited to meet shy Miss Wallflower, the happy Daisy family, sad young Forget-me-not, the lucky Madam Dahlia and many more delights ...
From the thoughtful Miss Pansy, to proud Lady Tulip this deck is full of the
flowers' ageless and gentle wisdom.

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The Victorian Flower Oracle

A gorgeous, evocative deck of forty oracle cards based on the flower-personified illustrations of famed Victorian artist JJ Grandville, taken from an original 1847 handcolored copy of his Fleurs Animee. This beautiful deck draws on age-old beliefs about the special magic and symbolism of flowers. Every flower is exquisitely depicted as a woman, and each card is a small work of art. The flower-women include Rose, Lily, Lilac, Forget-me-Not, Daisy and a host of other favourites.
Victorian Flower Oracle
Victorian Flower Oracle Deck.

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Victorian Flower Oracle Inspired Drawstring Bags.

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Blossoming Drawstrings

Lilac Tarot Bag


A Message. News and Communications. New information, a note or letter.
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Take the magic with you with these beautiful sling pouches.
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Tea & Coffee Sling Pouch

Tea and Coffee Sling Pouch

Friendship. Goodwill, harmony, companionship, community
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Dahlia Sling Pouch

Spoilt for Choice! Picking and choosing. Evaluating your options. Deciding what is best.
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