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Magickal Life

Fiona Horne is known in the USA, UK and Australia as a leading expert on Modern Witchcraft and as an accomplished television/radio host and best selling author. She is also an actor and rock singer. Fiona is the world's most recognisable author on White Witchcraft.

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Magickal Life CD.

Magickal Life:
Guided Meditations and Spells for Positive Change.

This spoken word album offers the public an opportunity to experience an up close and personal guided session with Fiona.

1. Elements
2. Psychic intuition
3. Personal power
4. Lifetime love spell
5. Never repeat
6. Self love
7. Seductress
8. Love wisdom
9. Language of magick
10. Save my love

RRP $29.95 plus p&h

VIP Price $25.45 plus p&h

Witch Web CD.

Witch Web
Fiona Horne created the collection of songs on this album to guide you to the magick and beauty of the Craft. Upbeat, powerful, and spiritually uplifting.

1. Circle
2. Simple Truths Of A Modern Witch
3. Lost In the Woods
4. Over the Edge
5. Am
6. Muse
7. Dark Goddess
8. Spiral Symbol
9. Love Spell
10. Green Lights and Yes
11. Divine Yourself

RRP $29.95 plus p&h

VIP Price $25.45 plus p&h

The Spirit Guide to Spellcraft.

The Spirit Guide to SPELLCRAFT
Issue 17 of Spellcraft explores lotions and potions. It is a magickal brew of an edition featuring an interview with Fiona Horne and much more.
RRP $7.95 plus p&h

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