Martin St James

5/8/1934 to 14/5/2015
Martin St James

It is hard to believe that someone with such a great history of comebacks didn't have one last miracle in him. Martin St James travelled the world for over fifty years demonstrating the awesome power of the mind. Between television specials and live shows, Martin introduced millions of people to the wonders of hypnosis. In his private life, he used hypnosis to beat cancer, major heart disease, chronic fatigue and so much more. However, there was one battle he couldn't get on top of. I'd like to help Martin beat Alzheimer's. If not for himself, for others and their families.

Help us to help Martin's family and raise money for Alzheimer's Australia by purchasing a copy of Martin's CD, Secrets of the Mind for the special price of $15 plus $4 ph.

100% of funds raised will be donated. Thank you.

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